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Who We Are

In 2013, we conceived the idea of building a Nigerian company that would provide support services to the Emerging Energy Industry in Nigeria. The company is known as DEMALIN GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED. Since inception, our resolve to sustain a client based company has evolved us into a specialist, capable of providing wholesome support services in the energy sector in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world. We promise to continue icing our services with our experience and impeccable quality values.

Vision Statement

Service Par Excellence

Legal Status

Demalin Global Services Limited is a Limited Liability Company Incorporated in Nigeria in 2014 and is resident in Nigeria.
The Company is fully operating under the confines of all Company Acts and Decrees applicable in the Nigerian legal and economic system.
Demalin Global Services Limited is currently not under any joint venture agreement. However, the company is willing to enter into any that has promising returns.

Quality Assurance

Demalin Global Services Limited accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of its clients. We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, and total commitment to meeting and exceeding client's requirements, and to maintaining an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement. This Quality Assurance Policy is a demonstration of our responsibility and Commitment to Quality.
Demalin Global Services Limited and its employees are committed to excellence in products, service, and client satisfaction, and to continuous improvement through communication and training.
Our Quality Assurance Policy Manual provides a top-level view of the quality system used at Demalin Global Services Limited to assure the quality of its services and products. The system is intended to meet ISO-9001 [2005], the International Standards Organization's universally accepted standard for quality systems.


To be a world-leading provider of services in the Oil and Gas industry through relentless effort at consistently meeting and exceeding clients' expectations of quality and value, relying on innovative engineering, operational, and management practices.

Our Core Value

D - Dedicated
E - Excellent
M - Management
A - Accountability
L - Leadership
I - Innovative
N - No harm to personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Our Personnel

Demalin Global Services Limited enjoys the services of qualified engineering and technical personnel in every area of its specialization. The Company’s personnel, engineers, and supervisors of the different specialists are all graduates from engineering colleges and institutions of related fields. They have undergone basic training and are now able to operate various advanced scientific programs. In addition, they have participated in numerous projects: minor and major, nationwide. The company boasts of very high-quality Engineers, Technicians, and a seasoned management team in Oil and Gas Industries within Niger Delta and beyond.

Our Business Ethics

Demalin Global Services Limited prides itself in the following Business ethics:
- Professionalism
- Partnering for Excellence
- Environmental Stewardship
- Selfless Services Excellence
- Respect for the Individuals
Trusted Clients
Years Of Experience